Itaewon Hannam Summer Cocktail Week

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KimGeeHoon010 5237 9534

Creative cocktails and single malt whiskey have been under the spotlight for the past few years in Korea. With many searching for speakeasies around the city, sipping and tasting original cocktails, enjoying the smoky or delicate taste of single malt whiskey, Seoul is perhaps going through an alcoholic awakening of a sort. Responding to such demand is the opening of a cocktail week at the Itaewon and Hannam-dong area. Around 30 different bars will serve their signature cocktails, creating a menu of 64 cocktails available to try out. An exciting offer this event will provide is the 30% discount on all signature cocktails. You’ll be able to enjoy some creative booze, which normally costs over 20,000 won, without as much financial burden.


To take part in the Cocktail Week, first, download Absolut Me app on your mobile device, especially if you’re looking to receive the promotional advantages. 3 stamps will get you a pass for the Aug 26th’s party at Club Octagon (first 100 people); 5 stamps will get you one free cocktail at any participating bar and even a cocktail-making workshop; and with 7 stamps, you’ll receive an invitation for the after party (Aug 28th) at Hannam-dong’s Soha South Harbor Lounge. Cocktail Week will begin on Aug 18th and continue for 9 days. For those avid bar hoppers in Seoul, this presents the perfect opportunity; with a selection of 29 bars, you’ll be able to explore the bars you’ve always wanted to try out but never had a chance. Where to start? For us Time Out Seoul’s editors, the first stop is Soha South Harbor Lounge―their cocktails are truly impressive.


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