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Angry about the lack of justice for rape victims in Korea

Written by
Hahna Yoon

Recently, it was uncovered that the government was involved in a massive cover-up of mass gang rapes and killing of thousands (yes, thousands) in Busan ahead of the 1988 Olympics. While this incident alone is anger enough for this column; what further enrages us is the lack of justice in terms of rape laws in Korea. Back in 2008, the Nayoung Case sparked a nationwide discussion when 57-year old Cho Doo-soon raped and beat an 8-year old girl and was only sentenced to 12 years in prison. Slightly lesser known is the infamous Miryang gang rape case in which 5 victims were gang raped by 41 male students—none of whom where criminally convicted. Add to that the story of Aidre Mattner, the Australian woman who was drugged and raped in Seoul, currently seeking justice on her own (since the police have yet to be of any help). If you are like me and you are a rape survivor or know someone who is, the kind of anger you feel can be suffocating. Where are the government’s priorities if the sentence for marijuana possession can exceed the sentence for rape? When men can be forgiven if intoxicated? What happens when so many women and children are threatened into silence?

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