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City stories: Momomi

Written by
jin soo lee

Momomi (Photographer, CEO of Your Mind and One More Bag), Seogyo-dong

What kind of work do you do in Seoul?
I mostly take pictures, but I also run a bookstore called Your Mind with my three cats and my husband. Recently, I opened One More Bag, a shop that sells bags made out of cloth. 

Among the multiple projects you juggle, what is your main focus?
“Let’s not fail” is my life motto. Instead of dwelling on disposable concepts, I try to work on projects that I can love in the long-term. Instead of working on my own, I like working with others. Oh, and I am trying to figure out how to run and manage One More Bag in a way that it can last longer.

What do you find attractive about Seoul?
At first, I had a problem with the fact that everything changes so quickly in Seoul. But over a longer course of time, I saw that certain things held their ground instead of giving into the changes. Ironically, now I think the speed and the change is one of the city’s charms. 

What do you do over the weekend to pass time? 
I try to walk more than I do on weekdays. I seek routes that don’t have many people on them, and recently, I’ve been taking strolls through national palaces like Changgyeonggung. There’s something captivating about the low-rise palace peaked low amongst the huddle of skyscrapers.

So what enables you to move?
I’m learning how to balance “what I want to do” versus “what I need to do” and in that balancing act, I am finding my way. 

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