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City Stories : NaHyeon Lee

Written by
jin soo lee

Na-hyeon Lee (Sindang-dong,housewife)

How did you come up with the idea of having a pet chicken in an apartment?

In my daughter’s science class, they did an experiment of trying to hatch quail eggs. But her eggs didn’t hatch, so I took three fertile
chicken eggs out of the fridge and gave them to her. A couple of days later, we heard peeping—one of the eggs had actually hatched! We thought about sending it to my parents in the countryside, but my daughter wouldn’t let us.

Would you introduce the chicken, please?
Her name is Chilseok (“July 7th” on the lunar calendar). We first thought it was male, but she laid eggs in the laundry room when she was about four months old. She’s a little over two years old now.

You walk the chicken, right?
We take her out so she can eat soil, which helps with digestion. We also keep a bowl of water in the garden and let her roam about in the afternoons. On July 7th, we were just spending time outside and the neighborhood kids came around with snacks and candies
as a birthday present for Chilseok. They even sang happy birthday to her. 

What’s Chilseok’s place in your family?

She’s number two in the pecking order. My daughter is the boss though. And then there’s me and my husband. 

What is the one thing you want to do with her before she dies?
Our family project is to get Chilseok a boyfriend. I saw on this TV show that there’s another pet chicken living in Itaewon called “Mart.” I think they’d make a good match. 

By Khloe Kim

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