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City stories: Robert Joe

Written by
Sonja Swanson

Robert Joe, 37, Hannam-dong, Filmmaker and Broadcaster

How have your 13 years in Seoul changed you?

Probably the best thing I’ve learned growing up is letting go. It’s a good process.

What do you love about this city?

The way that Seoul is advertised, the glitz and the newness, none of that stuff is all that interesting to me. For me, the best part of living in Seoul is the abstract nuances that you really can’t slap on a lower third.

Recommended things to do in Seoul?

To be honest, during the daytime I wander around my area with my dog. I love just absorbing the feel of neighborhoods. So if someone were visiting from out of town, I’d tell them to do the same.

Describe happiness.

Happiness is the absence of any emotion. If you’re feeling down, you’re hyper-aware of it. Whereas when you’re happy, you’re actually just not thinking, you’re just existing in like a zen form, right?

What drives you?

I’ve always felt the need to create. I don’t worry about whether I am creative or not. But, whether or not I make good use of that is my constant worry. I always have ideas. They’re not all good. And so I try and do something with them.

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