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Written by
Hahna Yoon

What do the calming waves of Hyeopjae have in common with the delicate cherry blossoms of Gyerongsan? Trash and  litter. Take a look at Haeundae Beach during the summer and you may find more soju bottles in the blue waters than in the convenience stores nearby. Didn’t we all attend kindergarten where our teachers told us that trash goes inside the trash cans? Most of us don’t even treat our rooms the way some people treat major tourist attractions. Isn’t it common  knowledge that putting plastic into the ocean can choke and kill marine animals? That leaving trash on the street can be dangerous for people walking or those driving with their cars? Sure, people can argue that we need more trash cans,  but c’mon, will it really hurt you to keep your trash in a plastic bag until you’re at a rest stop?

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