Diavolo: Fluid Infinities

디아볼로 내한공연

“The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be,” astrologist Carl Sagan said in the scientific documentary Cosmos. It seems like Jacques Heim, the artistic director of Diavolo Dance Theater, found the answers to his questions in the cosmos as well. It took Jacques Heim seven years to complete the three part series, L’ESPACE DU TEMPS of which Fluid Infinities is the finale. “Where did we come from?” “Where are we going to?” “How did everything start?” These are the three questions that pervade the series and they are brought to life on the stage of Fluid Infinities, which reminds you of the universe. In the center of the stage is a hemispherical sculpture with holes in it. This represents the moon and its craters, a space shuttle and that which is indefinable. Dancers fill the stage together and interact with the moving sculpture. Heim has said that the work is like a living abstract painting and we can feel his meaning as we experience the infiniteness of the universe and humanity’s struggle to survive even though the performance doesn’t necessarily have a narrative. Founded in 1992 by Jacques Heim and based in downtown L.A., Diavolo Dance Theater was designated as one of the city’s cultural treasures in 2007. Heim created his own artistic style by bringing everyday objects, such as couches and stairs, as well as geometric sculptures, to the stage. He also employs the movements of modern dance, ballet, acrobatics, martial arts and hip-hop to create a sophisticated style of choreography where dancers can climb on different sculptures and jump down from them.

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