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Create Wellness Center

  • Health and beauty
  • Yongsan-gu

Time Out says

From discomfort and pain in muscles to chronic fatigue that doesn’t seem to go away even after all of the sleep-binge during weekends, many of the physical symptoms caused by stress often become the source of stress itself. With their potential to restrain us from achieving and maintaining work-life balance, the stress-related symptoms easily create a vicious circle with serious implications for our long-term health. More than a single session of massage or treatment, what is needed to heal the body and mind in such circumstances is sustainable and comprehensive approach for achieving optimal health. At Create Wellness Center located in Itaewon, what you will experience is just that: integrated, non-invasive remedies provided by an outstanding team of health care professionals.

Here, unlike most of other clinics in Seoul, your option for natural health care isn’t limited to just one or two types of practices; with the indeed diverse services offered, including Chiropractic, Rehabilitative Exercise, Pilates, Massage Therapy and Naturopathy, you can find the most effective method(s) that will provide an opportunity to help address the source of stress and pain. Even for Massage Therapy, you have several options including Swedish, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu, among which you can find the most preventative and restorative technique for your specific symptoms and stress level.

The skilled, caring professionals at Create Wellness Center are also known to kindly offer individually-focused advice on diet, exercise and anxiety-reducing techniques. If you’re looking for truly holistic and healing treatments that will help you rejuvenate and uplift your energy, visiting Create Wellness Center would be a great start.


Itaewon-ro 211
Chiropractic Exam 48,000 won, Chiropractic Treatment 58,000 won, Massage Therapy 40,000 won (30 minutes), Therapeutic Muscle Stretching 53,000 won (30 minutes), Pilates 88,000 won (60 minutes), Naturopathy 100,000 won (60 minutes)
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri 9am – 7pm, Sat 9am – 6pm, Sun 10am – 5pm
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