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Choose this year's Chuseok present at a Hotel

Everything from charye food items for the Chuseok table to customized hamper sets chosen by experts. Hotels will now serve as your new shopping center for Chuseok gifts.

Written by
Dong Mi Lee
The holiday season, also known as a time for gift giving, is upon us. Picking out presents for people you care about can be quite nerve-racking, especially when you have to take their tastes and personalities into consideration. But buying presents from hotels can spare you some of these troubles, as their items are both elegant and luxurious. And even if most of them look “expensive,” you can still find reasonably priced gifts that will make you feel good about your choices. Hotels are already in the festive spirit with busily preparing gift sets that will please both the givers and the receivers.
First on the list is Conrad Seoul, which offers eight different kinds of gift sets. What gets our attention the most are the champagne sets chosen by the hotel’s sommelier, as well as the spa set. A gift basket filled with Abruzzo, Italy wine, pasta, sauce and olive oil is 120,000 won, while the hotel’s premium house champagne Charles Heidsieck, Chianti wine salami, baby Gouda cheese and mango balsamic glaze are offered as a set for 250,000 won. The “Healing” Aromatherapy Associates (a British spa brand) It includes aroma candles, oils, a Conrad spa pass and the Conrad bear (295,000 won).
If you want to give someone high-quality Korean beef for Chuseok, check out The Ritz-Carlton Seoul and JW Marriott Hotel Seoul. The Ritz-Carlton Seoul provides you with a variety of choices as they offer Korean beef from the Andong region, which are available in elegant boxes with The Ritz-Carlton’s logo on them and will be delivered fresh by the hotel’s staff. At the JW Marriott, there’s a prepared Korean beef set, the Australian Wagyu beef set and seafood sets with cutlassfish and dried tilefish from Jeju and dried yellow corvina from Beobseongpo. Prices range from 300,000 won to approximately 1,000,000 won. One of the most surprising gift options from this list is JW Marriott’s bedding. You can choose from down quilts (stuffed with high-quality Hungarian goose down), quilt covers, pillows with their covers or bathrobes. In the meantime, Park Hyatt Seoul will prepare the entire charye table for you. It includes 15 different kinds of food such as five different colors of songpyeon, four kinds of cooked potherbs, five kinds of assorted savory pancakes, half-dried white tilefish from Jeju, beef radish broth, boiled chicken and more. Japanese apricot brandy with organic honey from Jeju is also included. If you order this, you won’t have to do more than prepare vessels and a table for your Chuseok Charye. At the Park Hyatt Seoul’s Deli, selected items are available, including famous food and drinks from around the world. You can choose from Grande hampers filled with wine from Napa Valley, Textbook Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, Spanish jamón, Hediard Ceylon, eight-year old white balsamic vinegar and butter shortbread. Goodbye to gift-giving anxiety!
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