Devil’s Chicken at the Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel


Who can resist an outdoor chicken and beer party at a hotel? The Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel is hosting a chimac party that offers five types of chicken and several varieties of beer every Friday. There are delicious and unique sauces to go with the food, such as Thai chili fish sauce, salsa and bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) sauce, and unlimited beer and wine are served until 9:30pm. There’s also salad buffet available for 10,000 won per person. Each table is required to order chicken with either unlimited beer for 9,800 won or unlimited wine at 18,000 won. All things considered, it’s still a cheap price for a night out at a hotel. This venue is the talk of the town and working professionals consider it a great place to wine and dine at an affordable price.(Reservation required)

By: Dong Mi Lee


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