Grand Summer Camping Package @ the Grand Hyatt Seoul

그랜드 캠핑
그랜드 캠핑

For those of us with children, this might be a great hotel package for the summer. Along with a night stay at the hotel; your children will have access to the children’s pool as well as the ‘Grand Camping’ experience. ‘Grand Camping’ will be held in the outside gardens encompassing around 330 square meters. Children will follow the instructors and have fun while adventuring nature, launching water rockets, playing bowling games and other various activities and programs. You will be able to choose between 2 timings: the morning at 10am to 12pm and the afternoon session at 1.30pm to 5pm. Each session will have a limit of 40 participants. The package will also include homemade icecream, a 30% discount for the spa treatment and a special travel kit from the organic cosmetics brand Ground Plan. The package is for2 adults and 1 child and will cost 280,000 won for the morning session and 300,000 won for the afternoon session (excl. of tax and service fees).

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