Grill & Chilled Package at the Westin Chosun Seoul

Kim Tae Woo

You can now order a BBQ Platter with beer at either The Ninth Gate Grille, Vecchia e Nuovo or from the comfort of your own room. Should you choose to order from the Ninth Gate Grille or from Vecchia e Nuovo, you can have unlimited Stella Artois draft beer. If you order it to your room, it whittles down to 6 bottles of the same beer. For the BBQ Platter, there are a variety of choices. When you order this package, you’ll also be given complimentary tickets to the DreamWorks Animation Special Exhibition (through Aug 14th) at the Seoul Museum of Art. Those staying more than two nights will be given a 30,000-won dining voucher as well. Those staying from Jul 22nd to Aug 14th will additionally receive a Moulton Brown body wash and two tickets to Urban Zakapa at the Seoul Summer Art Festival.

By: Dong Mi Lee


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