Hanoru’s Autumn Delicacy of Jeju @ Haevichi Hotel and Resort Jeju

Hanoru’s Autumn Delicacy of Jeju @ Haevichi Hotel and Resort Jeju

Haevichi Hotel and Resort’s fine dining restaurant Hanoru is known for its delicate dishes created with local ingredients. For this fall, it has prepared special courses incorporating fresh seafood, including filefish (gaekjuri), native mackerel, jumbo shrimps (daeha) and native octopus (dolmuneo), that are only available in Jeju during this specific season. Inspired by the after-work meal traditionally shared among the Jeju female divers (haeyeo), fresh vegetable and seafood bibimbap prepared and served in a large bowl, its Hanyeo Babsang course will be accompanied with vinegar-seasoned octopus, leafy greens, fermented anchovy sauce and hairtail zucchini soup. Cooked in a gamasot (traditional cauldron) with fresh ingredients such as jumbo shrimps, octopus, mushrooms and red beans that are native to the region, the rice in the courses is special, as well. If you prefer sushi, you have the option of a sushi course which includes mackerel and abalone sashimi and marinated shrimp sushi. As an autumn special, this menu will be available through November 30th.

By: Dong Mi Lee


Event phone: 064-2168-6955
Event website: https://www.haevichi.com/
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