Makgeolli Bingsu at Park Hyatt Seoul’s The Lounge


A national dessert obsession, bingsu (shaved ice) season is here. Sure, the usual red bean and milk syrup works for a lot of people, but if you want to try something different, Park Hyatt Seoul’s got the answer for you. What's going to be on their menu this summer is none other than makgeolli bingsu, consists of shaved ice and ice cream made with organic rice wines, woogokju and takju. The rice wine ice cream has a similar consistency and tartness of yoghurt. Topped with fresh fruits, it is rich in flavor and has an almost crunchy mouthfeel. For children, you may change it to milk ice cream. The Lounge’s signature menu, Honey Bingsu comes with big chunks of honeycomb sourced from Mount Worak, with roasted pecans, sweet apple puree and vanilla cream on the side. Another popular menu, Mango Bingsu, is served with artisan mango ice cream, fresh mango, and coconut water jelly. Original Red Bean Bingsu is served with classic red bean paste and green tea jelly on top. The hotel also offers Bingsu Combination for which you can choose two of your favorite bingsu from the menu.


Event phone: 02-2016-1205