Oak Room Happy Hour @ the Millennium Seoul Hilton Oak Room

오크룸 해피아워
오크룸 해피아워

Unlimited local draft beer and house wine will be served at Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Oak Room during their happy hours. The best part is, it will only cost 30,000 won. The 30,000 won will also include a choice between California roll made with tuna and pineapples, calamari with spicy marinara sauce, 3 different types of French fries, chicken wings with chili sauce and last but not least, tortilla with avocado and spicy tomato sauce. Coming with a group might be a smart choice as each person will be entitled to a dish of their choice. With the recent opening of Seollo 7017, the Hilton is a great spot to enjoy a walk and a few (or many) drinks. The Oak Room happy hour might turn just 30,000 won into an unforgettable night!

Event phone: 02-317-3234