Park Hyatt Seoul’s Cornerstone presents Chuseok Gift Sets


They’ve got a pretty decent variety of choices. From deli products to premium wine and traditional alcoholic beverages, homemade galbijjim (beef ribs stew) to piedmontese T-bone set, these refined sets priced between 100,000-300,000 won have been arranged. Cornerstone Meat Set, Korean beef sirloin and tenderloin with New Zealand lamb rack (240,000 won); jeonbok galbijjim by the hotel’s Korean restaurant master chef made with beef ribs, abalone and ginseng (170,000); will be great gifts to give and receive for Chuseok. Other choices include Robiola Chesse Torrone, filled with dried fruit and nuts, balsamic vinegar jam and Italian cracker (120,000); Italian Craft Beer Set, with a choice of Italian craft beer, parma ham, parmigiano cheese, and homemade grissini (120,000 won).