Philippines’ Food Festival @ the Café 395

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Philippines’ Food Festival @ the Café 395

Many consider the Philippines to be the jewel islands of the pacific. At the Hilton’s Café 395, you will be able to experience the delightful cuisine of the jewel islands. Because the Philippines was colonized by Spain for 330 years, following shorter periods by the US and Japan, the food culture is extremely dynamic lending flavors from both the US and Spain. The Hilton has invited celebrated Chef Adrillana, who is known to many as an ambassador for Filipino cuisine.

Of the wide variety of menu that will be prepared, the tamales and kaldereta. Although many of us may know tamale as one of Mexico’s festive dishes, you will be able to have it prepared in a Filipino style. Same goes with the kaldereta: this authentic Filipino stew made with beef, vegetables, spices and liver spread all boiled in one ‘big pot’. The deep flavorful taste of the stew is enticing and even addicting to some. Don’t miss out on some great Filipino food at the Philippines’ Food Festival.

Event phone: 02-317-3014
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