Poolside Barbeque at the Grand Hyatt Seoul


Enjoy a Barbeque dining experience next to the outdoor pool at the Grand Hyatt. The Poolside Barbeque is actually quite well known in Seoul already. There are three stations to pick up delightful dishes, the appetizer station serving fresh salads and grilled veggies, the dessert station serving seasonal fruits, ice cream and cakes, and finally the grilling station. They use quality hardwood coal to grill a variety of dishes including a sirloin steak scented with espresso beans, king prawn with chimichurri sauce and salmon coated with maple syrup. The juicy lamb chops are not to be missed. The Poolside Barbeque will take place from 6.30pm to 9.30pm on weekdays with extended hours from 7pm to 10pm during July and August. The weekday price is 88,000 won per person, and if you would like unlimited drink, the price will be 128,000 won.

Event phone: 02-799-8495
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