Taste of Korea @ The Park Hyatt Seoul

Taste of Korea @ The Park Hyatt Seoul

A new course menu is being served at the 24th floor The Lounge restaurant. The course beings with chicken porridge made with organic chicken and Uiseong garlic, continues to a serving of Tongyeong oysters with yuza soy sauce jelly and gochujang espuma, grilled Hoengseong Hanwoo beef with deodeok (sweet bonnet bellflower root) puree, potatoes and sweet potatoes, and finally as dessert, milk chocolates, honey jelly and Hallabong. If you pay an additional 30,000 won, you will receive 3 drinks paired into the course. They include Jaeksul tea from Gyeongsangnam-do for the chicken porridge, traditional Koryo liquor Ja-ju for the grilled beef and finally traditional Joseon liquor Cheonggam-ju.


Event phone: 02-2016-1205
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