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밀레니엄 힐튼 서울

Terrace seating now at Millennium Hilton Seoul

Luxury feeling now available outdoors.

Written by
Hahna Yoon

Looking for a bit of fresh air in the concrete jungle? With the arrival of their new  culinary director, 37 year veteran Bernhard Butz, there have been lots of changes happening at the hotel and on the menu.The Millennium Hilton Seoul has just opened up their new terrace seating at Cafe 395. The terrace offers wide lounge style sofas as well as upright chairs to sit and enjoy the sun. A few shady green trees are put at each end of the terrace in an attempt to create a bohemian feeling.

Millennium Seoul Hilton
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Loved by tourists and businessmen alike, the Millennium Hilton is strategically located near Seoul Station and Namsan Park. Thus, the views from the rooms feature a pleasant contrast that combines both the green of the park with the lights of the city. On the third floor, facilities include a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. While the Oak Room and Cilantro Deli are two popular dining options available at the hotel, head to the Seasons when in search of a real European feast with French wine included.  

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