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The Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju

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Time Out says

June, it’s the month right before the start of the summer peak seasons for hotels and resorts—many of them releasing early-summer packages. On Jeju Island, it’s the most wonderful time of the year in terms of weather, with herds of puffy clouds casually strolling by on a clear baby-blue sky. As the island and its hotels remain largely undisturbed by the chaotic masses that come during the summer vacation seasons, it may be the perfect time to visit Jeju’s Haevichi Hotel & Resort. At Haevichi, the water temperature at the pools is known to be kept ideal and hence enjoyed all-year-round. Relaxing on a sun lounger under a light shade prepared by the sleek parasols, you’ll know you’ve reached Korea’s little paradise island. No matter how fancy Seoul may get, what Haevichi on Jeju Island provides is something you could never get in the city.
The name Haevichi is a portmanteau of the Korean term 'hae' (sun) and ‘vichi’ (to shine) to signify that the estate is the spot of the first sunshine. Located on the east coast of the island, the upscale hotel & resort comes fully equipped with all the amenities you could imagine, not to mention its own golf club well-known among the seemingly countless courses in the country. There are 503 rooms available and 70% of them come with an ocean view, making it an amazing place to see the sun set and rise from the blue waters.
Jeju is known amongst Koreans as a natural volcanic marvel, and Haevichi does a wonderful job in preserving this character with its design and programs. Milieu, a fine-dining French restaurant, is not only located in central atrium lit with natural sunlight but also the dining ‘pods’ are designed with bamboo strips that almost resemble a bird’s nest. Hanoru, on the other hand, focuses on using local ingredients to compose traditional Jeju dishes. There is a total of 9 restaurants/bars in the resort, including a buffet and an outdoor eatery. Spa Ara is another must visit amenity. Featuring special traits associated with Lotus and Korean therapy, the experience involves both contemporary therapy methods along infused with a sense of Jeju’s natural traditions using produce like local organic hemp oil and Jeju basalt.
One of the highlights available at Haevichi is the Jeju Gotjawal tour, which takes you through one of Jeju’s aboriginal forests, untamed Jeju wilderness at its finest. Created by volcanic rocks unique to the island, Gotjawal is filled with aged trees and natural vines. When it rains, the forest gets "denser" with the fresh fragrances of the green vegetation, proving its title as "the lungs of Jeju." Along with Keunsaseumi Oreum offering magnificent views of open ranches and vast canola fields located afar and Yeongju Mountain where a unique ecosystem is found, Haevichi provides diverse sets of eco-treks perfect for exploring the island’s greenery and blooming scenes of wildflowers during the season.
If what you're looking for is a place to complete your Jeju experience for your next vacation or a nice weekend trip, you should definitely have Haevichi on top of your list. It's got the well-managed rooms, stunning views of the beach located right by the pristine estate, pools, hot tubs as well as bang-for-the-buck food and beverage selection, and on top of them all, authentic Jeju offerings. Whether with your family, friends or partner, this hotel & resort will make things easy and certainly memorable for you and your loved ones.


537, Minsokhaean-ro Pyoseon-myeon
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