The Kitchen’s Bubbly Sunday @ W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel

The Kitchen’s Bubbly Sunday @ W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel

W Kitchen’s Sunday brunch served with unlimited champagne has been a long time signature favorite among many. Unfortunately, the renewed menu will not be including the unlimited fuzzy drink. Although champagne lovers and enthusiasts might be at dismay, the lowered price of 99,000 won and the heightened quality of food will be something to look forward to. At the venue, you will be served a welcome cocktail with Kir Royal or Bellini champagne as the base. The food will be prepared right in front of you with the menu changing every month. Soup, risotto, pasta, meats and seafood prepared as the main, Jjambbong (perfect for a hangover), egg benedict, pancakes among other popular brunch specialties can be enjoyed. The liquid nitrogen ice cream made with Makgeolli and melon/orange juice is not one to miss.

By: Dong Mi Lee


Event phone: 02-2022-0111
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