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The best things to do with kids in Seoul

Our expert, Irena Marce, gives us her insights on family fun in Korea

Written by
Hahna Yoon

Irena Marce (founder of Kids Fun in Seoul) gives us her expertise on the best spots to have kid-friendly fun this family month.

Q&A: Irena Marce

Could you give us a little introduction about you and your family?
We are a multi-cultural and multi-hometown family. I'm from Prague and my husband is from Paris. We lived together in the U.S., Thailand and for the past five years in Seoul. Both our kids Mia (age 8) and Lukas (age 6) were born in Bangkok. 

Tell us about Kids Fun in Seoul
My blog, Kids Fun in Seoul, was born in June 2011—just a few months after we moved here. When we arrived, I was desperately looking for some information about children-friendly places to visit. Not reading and speaking Korean, I realized how difficult it was for foreigners to find places and I decided to start writing a blog about our discoveries to share with other families.

What has the feedback been so far?
The blog now has more than 2,500 followers and has become a reference website for foreign families living here as well as for many tourists. The comments from our followers are very encouraging and positive. They also share different tips and updates about the places they’ve been, which is helpful in keeping our blog as precise and accurate as possible. 

How do you decide where to take your kids?
Different sources, such as my friends’ recommendations, other blogs, journals and magazines. Sometimes, we also find places on Naver Map and just try it. We are very flexible and usually wake up in the morning and decide [something] according to the weather and our mood.

What's your favorite place in Korea to travel with your family?
I love hiking and picnicking by the river around Gapyeong and the boat ride on Soyang Lake to Cheongpyeongsa Temple. I'm also a big fan of dakgalbi (pan-fried chicken), which is a specialty of that region. Our kids, would vote for one of the amusement parks or water parks, but they also love the Han River. 

Any tips for parents looking to do creative activities with their children? 
Spring is the best for outdoor activities—so whenever the [air] pollution level permits I recommend staying outside as much as possible. There are plenty of green spots and parks in and around Seoul and there's always something fun to do. You can organize a treasure hunt, painting contest, botanical excursion or just simply have a picnic in nature.

Irena's Picks

Dasan Earth Park
  • Things to do
Located in Namyangju, this easy getaway from the city (accessible by subway) allows for spectacular views of the rivers and mountains.
  • Kids
Originally from France, kids can design and make their own soft toys in the Zut Atelier. The end result is both personalized and sophisticated.
  • Kids
Kidzania is a play space where kids can try out all kinds of occupations (from being a fireman to a flight attendant). They can also earn Kidzania money to get prizes.
Seoul Forest
  • Things to do
  • Walks and tours
  • Seongsu-dong

Behind Seongsu High School is a lesser-known part of Seoul Forest where there’s a cool playground for kids. The playground includes a spider web rope net and a bird observation platform.

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