Korea Queer Festival After party

Korea Queer Festival cially high spike in numbers last year. 


This year’s festival starts with the slogan “Love and Resist, Queer Revolution!” with an opening ceremony that’s scheduled to take place on June 9th with a parade following on June 13th.

With its popping colors, noises and stories, the 2014 Queer Festival was a huge success. Headlining newspapers and ranking high on hot stories’ lists, it was definitely one of the most talked about events of last summer. Festival organizers looking to match that are working day and night to prepare for another success. Even funding for the festival happened quickly and efficiently, thanks to their help.

Despite strong opposition from some members of the conservative Christian community, the 2015 Korea Queer Festival will host its opening ceremony at Seoul Plaza. Those in the know understand, of course, that the festival’s real highlight begins after the parade ends: at the after party in Jongtaewon, and at the Queer Film Festival shortly thereafter. All you need to do to join is show up and cheer on! As we all know, love conquers hate and at this year’s festival, we hope there’s even more love than there was before.


Event phone: 0505-303-1998
Event website: http://www.kqcf.org