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Interview: Gay man about town

A big name in the LGBT community, here's the backstory to the activism of Jay Lee

Written by
Dong Mi Lee
Jay Lee.
Ripping off brands by making videos they like.
We heard you’ve been popular since your days in the queer group at Yonsei University.
Yeah, I showed up at the first meeting, ran my hand through my hair said, “I’m bisexual.” And then someone whispered “Ooh, yeah, I like him.” Upperclassmen were
so scandalized, they still talk about it. I was an outsider and didn’t participate in school stuff so I think I was more of a hot topic than Mr. Popularity.
Last year, you publicly spoke out to Mayor Park Won-soon during a protest at City Hall. Any comments?
I happened to have ventured out because the opportunity presented itself. For the past decade, there’s been a serious divide between the activists and the partiers.
There is a serious segregation between the communities that spend money in Itaewon or Jongno and the movements who led the demonstration. I’ve always had problems with that. With the Queer Parade last year and the protests happening, I saw that gap reduced significantly and feel grateful for it. I had really wanted to be there on-site, not necessarily out of a sense of duty, and there was an extra catharsis to having been drunk the night before with my friends.
These days you’re an ambassador for the Queer Film Festival.
The Queer Film Festival did not get much support from those drinking in Jongno or dancing in Itaewon. They don’t even know that such events exist. The reason why there
was such great energy last year in Shinchon and at City Hall is because of the power of SNS. It’s the same for the Queer Film Festival. SNS will be the bridge and trigger.
And that’s all I did as an ambassador. "Hello everyone, there is an event like this. Please come check it out."
You seem busy attending events and promoting human rights. What do you do on weekends?
I go out on Fridays and am hungover on Saturday afternoons. I drink again Saturday night and am hungover on Sunday afternoons. On Sunday night, I go to the office
to avoid the Monday blues. 
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