Top 4 Lesbian bars in Seoul

If Itaewon is home for gays, then Hongdae is the home of lesbians. The majority of lesbian bars only allow females, not as gay bars. No need to worry about the looks you might get at straight bars anymore. Just be yourself & feel free to flirt! By SW Kang

Club Labris

Club Labris is the biggest lesbian club in Korea, open every Friday and Saturday. Even cocktails ordered by the glass use top shelf alcohol. The music that iconic Korean female DJ Limzi plays is enough to satisfy the taste of any lesbian. As one of the first of its kind in Korea, Club Labris is the go-to place for those who want to enjoy a wild night without being decadent. Entrance is limited only to women, no FTM transgender persons or gays allowed.


If you are craving a warm jjampong and a bottle of soju in the midst of this freezing winter, go to Brick. The interior with its warm red brick walls and wine boxes, complete with a terrace makes the space seem like a wine bar. It’s usually full of couples in their 20s to 40s as well as groups of friends feasting on the various dishes developed by the owner who prides herself on making “food with a philosophy.” You can have everything from salad to fried foods and soups. Brick is also the perfect pre-game spot before a night of dancing.


Pink Hole

Eleven years ago, this club started out under the name Pink Button. Although its name has changed, the love it receives from the young crowd remains the same. The DJ group composed of four women plays music that will set your heart beating and body swaying. Inside the 500-squaremeter space, is a wide stage, a powder room, a VIP room and laser lights that all add to the glamorous interior. Pink Hole was the first lesbian club to organize party events. Gays are allowed in, but everyone needs to bring a valid ID.


Want to go to a lesbian bar but all your friends are busy? If you’re looking for a bar to go to by yourself it’s only a matter of time before you become a regular at Mong. It was an ordinary bar, but thanks to rumors of the owner being a lesbian, Mong became a popular hangout spot among lesbians and welcomes gays. The handmade organic tea, mojito, margarita and various other cocktails can be enjoyed along with the bartender’s amusing conversation. Mong boasts a comfortable homey atmosphere and it’s not unusual to find solo drinkers absorbed in a book.