Lotte Cinema

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Lotte Cinema is one of Korea’s top three multiplex chains along with CGV and MEGABOX. It has 104 theaters with 732 screens (as of Feb 2015) nationwide. It also offers a variety of movie halls such as a super sound hall with an 11.1 channel surround sound system. Its Superplex G hall in Songpa-gu, which boasts a super large screen, is even registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest permanent cinema screen. Since most of the theaters are located in department stores, remember to stay focused on the movies and don't get distracted on your way.


Venue name: Lotte Cinema
Address: Star city
272, Achasan-ro, 2F
Price: Early bird 6,000 won Mon-Sat: Adults 9,000 won Fri-Sun: 8,000 won, Adults 10,000 won
Static map showing venue location
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