2017 Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival

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CJ E&M 아트크레이션국, 2016
STAGE ART, CJ E&M 아트크레이션국, 2016
신도시, 2016
신도시, < Hidden Bar >, 2016
아트밸리, 2016
아트밸리, 김영나 & COM, < Set v. 5 >, 2016
신도시, 2016
신도시, < Hidden Bar >, 2016
신도시, 2016
신도시, < Hidden Bar >, 2016

The summer festie in Korea with arguably the best line-up, Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival is coming up. We're giving away a few tickets, so make sure you check Time Out Seoul's Facebook page, as well. This year, around 100 teams of musicians will rock 5 different stages including The V, Tune Up and Green Pampas set up freshly on Jisan Resort's vast green expanse. On top of that, the festival's offering exciting modern art installations created by some of Korea's most talented artists.

The 3 days of music and festivities are filled with a number of big names as well as genre-busting, up-and-coming musicians. The line-up includes Gorillaz and Lorde, both of whom are performing in Korea for the first time, Sigur Rós, Gallant, Major Lazer, Diplo, Hyukoh, Nell, Dean, Glen Check and many more.

As for the accommodation, there are several choices including resort packages, hotel packages and more affordable jjimjilbang packages. Of course, you can camp out, as well, and choose to rent out tents and amenities. Shuttles will run from Seoul Station, Yangjae Station, Icheon Bus Terminal and Gieung Station. Note that packed meals are allowed inside the site but store-bought foods such as fast foods and deliveries are not. Wheeled vehicles, RC toys, frisbees and balls aren’t allowed either. Be safe and enjoy the many shows!