Billy Carter 2017 Concert 'We Can Fight'


Billy Carter's still hard AF and as raw as they’ve always been, but now having released two EP’s and first full-length album Here I Am, the brilliant 3-piece rock-and-roll/blues band has grown in sophistication in demonstrating their organic energy — they play with it, articulate it while allowing the audience occasional peeks at the band’s extensive spectrum.

Their language is rather straightforward, yet the ways of storytelling serendipitously fit into the compositions are delicate, subtly metaphorical and gracefully intense. For that, Billy Carter’s assuredly one of the bands that are notably intriguing in differing live contexts, and their concert coming up at the end of April is especially not to be missed. Check out how the tight trio defines ‘classy’ in their own authentic way, along with genius guest performances by Galaxy Express and Streetguns.

By: Ahrim Won

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