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Critics pick : 5 Korean Hip Hop Crews Need to Know

Picked by Kim Yoon-ha (pop music critic)

Written by
jin soo lee

1. Bulhandang

“To understand the new era that has come upon Korea’s hip hop scene, you have to keep your ears close to the voice of the Bulhandang crew” They represented the mandate of their crew with the release of “Take One Way” in 2012 and have formed the building blocks for Korea’s growing hip hop scene.


2. illionaire

“In spite of the many controversies regarding their ‘swag’ when it comes to money and women, to pinpoint the strongest connection between the masses and hip hop right now, it is with no doubt illionaire.” Illionaire is one of the busiest hip hop crews in Korea. The Quiett, Dok2, Beenzino are all part of illionaire.


3. Hi-Lite

“If you are looking for a more serious approach towards hip hop music, or know the value of a well-made album, well, here’s your answer.”

From Palo Alto, who has been quietly making moves in the underground hip hop scene, to B-Free, Huckleberry P and then some, this crew is not afraid of experimenting when it comes to hip hop.


4. Vismajor

“This solid group of artists is Korean hip hop’s answer to those sick of the so-called “ballad rap.”

Deep Flow and Wutan were starting members of Vismajor, followed by Nucksal and Don Mills, who are active in the scene right now. The crew evolved into a label in 2014.


5. VV:D

“Follow them if you want to listen to Korea’s most stylish sounds and the finest in hip hop music.”

This crew was created by Zion.T who changed the hip hop and R&B game in Korea forever, with members like Crush, Gray, Loco and ELO. All of the artists in the crew belong to different labels, which makes VV:D a real crew in its truest form.

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