Epik High concert “Now Showing”


A Spike Jonze poster for the film Her? Nope, it's Tablo. And it’s not some Photoshopped image either. The selection of parodied posters may seem random, but they’re actually teasers for their upcoming concert. Epik High has reputation for being seriously fun and you can see it in action at one of their nine shows being held at Sogang University's Mary Hall from July 31st. As the series of posters suggest, their performances are categorized into six different film genres: action, drama, romance, horror, sci-fi and erotica. There is a possibility they may not showcase all of the different categories, since the genre of the performance will be determined by the audience, who vote on it the day of. In turn, Epik High will have to be ready for anything, like an improv actor ready for any cue. With the late night show starting at 11pm, Epik High jokes that they’re willing to cover cab fare if fans are willing to show up! Experience their cheekiness in person by heading to a concert yourself.

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