Grand Mint Festival 2016 (GMF 2016)

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Grand Mint Festival 2016 (GMF 2016)

If you identify yourself as a “90’s kid” in particular with a reference to the Korean and American/European alternative, and have no interest in things like “8090 K-pop Remix,” I bet the following sentence would influence your mood. Wonderbird, Sister’s Barbershop, A Moonlight Fairy's Comeback with a Grand Slam, Electronic Sheep, Jaejooboys, 3rd Line Butterfly, My Aunt Mary, Lee So-ra, Joe Won Sun, Earip, Lee Tzsche—and Yo La Tengo, Tahiti 80, Lasse Lindh. Do you feel a distant memory starting to reappear? Let’s fast forward a bit, and repeat the following words in your mind. The Black Skirts, Amado Lee Jaram Band, Mot, Bard, Guckkasten, Windy City, Gaeul Banghak, Bulnababg Sausage Club and Hyukoh. Sorry if I got you too excited. But soon, you’ll have the chance to find catharsis with your musical frustration, at Grand Mint Festival (GMF). Though with a seemingly naïve title, this festival celebrating its 10th anniversary this year has been boasting an almost intimidating line-up and sold-out tickets (without giving away any free ticket). This year, you’ll be able to enjoy its impressive acts at 4 different stages inside of Olympic Park while enjoying a picnic and camping. We know it’s going to be such a beautiful weekend.

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