Les Siestes Electroniques in Seoul

Les Siestes Electroniques in Seoul

With its participating artists who are constantly moving forward and exchanging their genius with the world, Les Siestes Electroniques has been changing each city it visits, in ways that the world had never experienced before. Having started in Toulouse, Southern France in 2002 and travelled to numerous cities including Montréal, Hanoi and Brazzaville, Les Siestes Electroniques has been serving as a constantly evolving meeting point for artists around the world. Its next stop? None other than our city, Seoul. While introducing the hidden gems of the music & digital field of France, Les Siestes Electroniques will bring out some of the underrepresented scenes of Seoul that we ourselves have been missing, with a very much down-top approach. The expected result of such mission? None—there are open minds and infinite possibilities, which this festival never fails to bring. This region-specific festival, which will be held at 3 different venues in Seoul, will showcase the beautiful sounds that Folklore, LB aka LABAT, Feadz and Voiski create, along with 13 Korean DJs including DJ Conan and Scope. We are certainly excited—and positively anxious for this.

By: Ahrim Won

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