Pharrell Williams Live in Seoul : Audi Live 2015

Pharrell Williams

Winner of 11 Grammy Awards. Has sold over 100 million records. Collabs with hot shots Madonna, Jay-Z, Justin
Timberlake, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Snoop Dog. The one and only Pharrell Williams comes to Korea at last! He’s been killing it since the ‘90s, but why did it take so long for him to make his first trip over to Korea?

Despite being a part of the scene, Pharrell’s only recently been in the limelight as a solo artist. Instead, people knew him as that one loyal friend, behind-the-scenes producer and occasionally, fashionista. Pharrell teamed up with Chad Hugo to form the Neptunes, a production duo that later dominated half of 2003’s radio hits. His first solo album in 2006 didn’t really garner a lot of attention either. But that didn’t stop him. He determinedly pushed through and his crew, like always, cheered him on. During an interview with W Magazine in 2013 he said: “'I had accepted my role as the camouflage. I was the guy next to the guy, rather than the guy himself.”

But last year, the tables turned forever and he didn’t have to be in camo anymore. He swept five Grammys with the hit single “Get Lucky” in collaboration with Daft Punk. Shortly after, “Blurred Lines,” featuring Robin Thicke, froze the Billboard chart for weeks. Although he’s always been there, it wasn’t until then that the world saw him as “the man” His phenomenal success was culminated with the worldwide sensation “Happy,” reaching almost seven million views on Youtube and creating hundreds of flash mob videos from all around the globe. Pharrell’s first concert in Korea is titled “One and Only,” and it’s special as it sounds. The Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, which fits 15,000 people, is expecting rehearsals that will involve grand scale production equipment and more than 20 bands and dancers. Renowned sound and light engineers will be on the crew as well. His set list will include the songs he’s produced, his solo hits and more recent works. Tickets are almost sold out, and the people going? Pretty damn happy.

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