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Q&A: Idiotape

Glastonbury Festival, the largest greenfield music festival in the world, is just one of the stops on Idiotape’s european tour. In between concerts, they took time to give us an update.

Written by
jin soo lee

Where have you been and where are you headed?

DR: Glastonbury Festival, Fusion Festival, Festival Mundial, twice at Mumiy Troll Music Barand we’ve just finished at Exit Festival in Serbia. After that it’ll be the Paléo Festival (Swtizerland), FMM Sines (Portugal) and the Ansan M Valley Rock Festival back in Korea.


Performing at Glastonbury Festival is every musician’s dream. How was it?

DR: We were really nervous at first because it was the first and biggest gig of the tour. But apparently people loved us! The crowd was chanting “encore” at the end of our last song. I was pretty surprised there were people who actually came to see us.


Any memorable stories?

Zeze: We were just chilling in the hotel lobby after the Mundial Festival when a few strangers came up to us and said hi. Turns out they were the band Klischée who went on right before us the night before at the Fusion Festival in Germany. They were also coming home after their concert there that day. We just thought it was pretty cool that we performed at the same events two days in a row. We became friends over a couple drinks and exchanged CDs. It was something new and was cool. I think random things like this were the best part of the tour.


How was the whole experience like?

Zeze: Some performances were just great, but we also made so many mistakes. We had unexpected glitches or random emotional swings. I’ve realized that when the situation gets difficult, it’s really hard not to you're your composure. I feel like tours teach us a lot in that regard. We’ve still got a long way to go though.


The tour is almost coming to a close. What do you want to get out of it?

DR: At the end of the day, we want to grasp our potential. We’re not really trying to make our name known just because we had gigs at big festivals and stuff. We just want to feel and learn a lot from this new side of the world, and just keep going forward to achieve bigger things in the future.



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