SGC Super live in Seoul

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With pictures of K-pop celebrities often posted in boutiques and malls, fashion and music have always come hand in hand in Korea. And no other event demonstrates this
collaboration better than the Seoul Girls Collection, a fashion show and music concert, now in its 9th run. With a lineup made up of names like Infinite, Teentop and Red Velvet, f(x)’s Luna will be hosting the show as the main MC. K-pop fans normally have to wait until the end of year shows to see their favorite idol bands perform together and even there, it’s only one or two songs each, tops. At the Seoul Girls Collection (SGC), however, the shows are almost half an hour long and give the feeling of a series of short concerts. Add fashion models and runways to the mix and you’ve got an entire party. The SGC, which hosted Seoul Girls Collection in Tokyo through a collaboration with Tokyo Fuji TV last year, is planning a world tour. The tour’s first show will take place in Seoul and be broadcast live on television.

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