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Shows by local bands that are going to places

They're loved overseas—if you're in Korea, you've got no excuse to miss their shows!

They don't have a large management company behind them organizing a gig at Madison Square Garden or booking them up for a late-night show on national television. Yet, these bands and musicians are wanted and lurved by the music fans overseas for their voice, skills and uniqueness never found elsewhere. Check out these shows in April so you don't regret later!

Billy Carter 2017 Concert 'We Can Fight'

Billy Carter's still hard AF and as raw as they’ve always been, but now, having released two EP’s and first full-length album Here I Am, the brilliant 3-piece rock-and-roll/blues band has grown in sophistication, in demonstrating their organic energy — they play with it, articulate it while allowing the audience occasional peeks at the band’s extensive spectrum. Their language is rather straightforward, yet the ways of storytelling serendipitously fit into the compositions are delicate, subtly metaphorical and gracefully intense. For that, Billy Carter’s assuredly one of the bands that are notably intriguing in differing live contexts, and their concert coming up at the end of April is especially not to be missed. Check out how the tight trio defines ‘classy’ in their own authentic way, along with genius guest performances by Galaxy Express and Streetguns.

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KT&G Sangsangmadang , Seogyo-dong Saturday April 29 2017

Hyundai Card Curated 33: Kim Ban Jang and Windycity

Being a frequent performer at SXSW in the US, Canadian Music Week and other North American music festivals, Kim Ban Jang is a strong and dynamic drummer/vocalist who's loved by both mainstream and indie fans. If you’ve ever heard a reggae remake of the traditional Jindo Arirang, that’s his work of art (and he's got the balls to rock it at some of the biggest festies in the U.S.). With the hope that his music could serve as a "medium to break boundaries and share love" between people, Kim Ban Jang and Windycity have worked tirelessly for the past 10 years and have come so far. They were the first foreign band to perform for 2 consecutive years at Japan’s Sunset Live Festival, while alsp having traveled to Thailand and the UK to collaborate with local musicians. This month, Kim Ban Jang and Windycity will be performing at Hyundai Card Music Library’s Understage, so join in to listen to their liberating sounds which are guaranteed to get your adrenaline going!

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Understage , Itaewon Friday April 28 2017

Platform Chang Dong 61 Friday Night Live

Although there aren’t as many in this country who listen to the varieties of Jamaican music on a daily basis, Korea still has got great bands who have played abroad and met some approval. Ska band Kingston Rudieska's certainly one of them. Reggae band Rude Paper followed artist Lee Seung-chul to Japan in 2016 and was able to release their reggae album internationally. Ska and reggae artist Selecta and Oh Cheung Dahl have a collaborative album with Dr. Ring Ding from Germany and even released the album Far East Asia in Japan. Platform Chang Dong 61 will give you the change to take in all the Jamaican vibes on Friday, April 28th.

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Platform Changdong 61 , Dobong-gu Friday April 28 2017
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