Someday Festival

Someday Festival

This impressive line-up is part of a festival that is being held for the very first time. Ballad musicians like Jung Yup and the Epitone Project and bands like Kiha & The Faces, Monni and Hyukoh will be participating in this festival, along with R&B hiphop musicians, namely—Zion.T & Crush. Their blind booking is already full so you better get your you know what in gear!

Line-up: Jung Yup, Leessang, Wheesung,Epitone Project, 10cm, Kiha & the faces, Daybreak, Yi Sung-yol, Yozo, Vibe, Hyukoh, Zion.T, Crush, Roy Kim, Ha Dong-kyun, Seonwoo Jeonga, Kang A-sol and Monni.


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