Still Alive 8 Halloween Punk Party


Here’s the Halloween party that is by the punks, for the punks, and for everyone else for the following reasons. First, the line-up is great (with Burninghepburn, Wasted Johnny's, ...Whatever That Means, National pigeon unity and GreenFlameBoys). Second, it costs only 5,000 won with costume. But as the organizer label World Domination, Inc. ( announces every year: “a Misfits Jack-O-Lantern t-shirt, a name tag with someone else's name on it [or] writing ‘BOOK’ across your face” does not count. At all. Now, reevaluate your choice, how suitable you think it is for the certain context you’re imagining, and how enthusiastic you’ll feel about putting together a costume (and realistically, how sober you’ll be) when it’s nearing midnight on this Saturday. And no, you can’t go without a shirt and say you’re dressed up at the drummer. Go here, and have a lovely time all night, enjoying the raw tunes that set the perfect mood for your Halloween.

By: Ahrim Won

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