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Taste the music at Seoul's hottest music festivals in June

Be it hip hop or rock. EDM or indie acoustic, feast your ears on these festivals happening in Seoul during the month of June.

Written by
jin soo lee

With so many festivals lined up between May and June in the city of Seoul, Seoulites have their calendars marked for these music marathons. It starts with the Seoul Jazz Festival and the Soundholic Festival at the end of May and spills over to the three main festivals of June. The Muse in City Festival on June 6th touts an all female lineup while the Ultra Music Festival (UMF) has you in neon paint for that electronic music, Miami feel on June 12th and 13th. Want more of an outdoorsy feel? Try the Rainbow Island Festival happening on Namiseom (Nami Island) on June 20th and 21st. Read on and take your pick or mix and match as you’d like.

Headed to Soundholic? Plan a timetable for this one and look up schedules in advance because this festival’s got it all in terms of quantity and styles. There are over 100 musicians performing over these two days and you don’t want to miss out on your favorites. Big names include original rock band Jaurim, YB, Crying Nut, electronic duo Glen Check, hip hop artist San E, and singer-songwriter Verbal Jint. With something for everyone under the sun, Soundholic’s the grand buffet of music festivals—go ahead, have as much as you’d like! (Note: please, no buffet pants.) Seoul fist pumps with Ibiza and Miami in this one where you see Seoulites go harder than they’ve ever gone before.

Attracting 160,000 EDM fans every year with the world’s premier DJ lineup, the festival is Korea’s edition of the Ultra Music Festival. This year, top artists selected by DJ Mag including David Guetta, Hardwell, and Alesso will be joining the festival. With the lights flashing and the crowds sweating, we guarantee you will see skin here at this one where both men and women show up in swimwear. Add some incredibly hot afterparties, and the beat goes on all night. To define the word “chill,” check out the 5th Rainbow Island Festival happening on Namiseom. Without big names headlining, the festival manages to attract over 10,000 fans a year. There are the oldies but goodies such as the Kim Chang-Wan Band, performing for the second time in a row, and hip hop musicians Beenzino and Jung GiGo, both fifth year veterans. Add to the list Kyu-hyun from Super Junior and Sultan of the Disco, who attended the 2014 Glastonbury Festival, and you’ve really got it all. Special events such as recreational activities, camping and a flea market make it more than just a musical affair. Our suggestion? Reserve tickets for a camping package instead of worrying about catching the last ferry out of the island. 

June is THE perfect season in Korea to dress down, crack open a cold one and dance to your heart’s content. So don’t waste another minute—reserve those tickets and get ready for some summer festival fun.

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