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The Amazing Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator, is mesmerizing international cultural art industries along with LA’s hip-hop scenes. And everyone’s talking about his upcoming trip to Korea, but who is this dude?

Written by
jin soo lee

Tyler, The Creator, an LA-based producer and rapper, is finally making his way over to Korea. Head of hip-hop crew OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, “Odd Future” from here on out), a music video producer, and the director of Odd Future’s fashion brand “Golf Wang”—he first made waves with his solo album Goblin back in 2011. He also won the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist. Having recently worked with Pharrell Williams and Kanye West on his latest album Cherry Bomb, you can see how far he’s come since he was 17 and established Odd Future with his friends. (Uh, and he’s only 25 now!) Hotter and younger than any other artist coming to Korea, his history alone might be good reason attend his concert.

And hotter? How can you really say he’s hotter? Well, for starters, he’s not one of those rappers ending every other sentence with the word “swag.” He’s downright funny (it’s hard to find a serious photo of him even when Googling the hell outta him) and thought-provoking, too. In the music video of his controversial song “Yonkers,” he eats cockroaches and tries to take his own life. Because his works are quite alternative, many people have accused him of being drugged up all the time (although he claims he doesn’t even touch cigarettes). Old Tyler fans just smile along, desensitized to his bizarreness.

What’s up with the title “Creator”? He’s just got his own ways of expressing strange and quirky things. His unique rapping style, deep voice, sensational lyrics, graphic music videos and artwork, and fashion label all show who the “real Tyler” is. Just as he states in his lyrics: he can’t stand being dishonest. He never does anything that is not his—he was born to be a creator. Now, don’t you see what makes him so attractive? One of Odd Future’s DJs—Taco—will be joining Tyler for his concert in Seoul. 

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