The Henz Club

The Henz Club

The “it” place of Hongdae’s fashionistas, the street fashion selection shop Henz has launched a club. Their quirky, witty poster posted on social media immediately captured my attention, and I couldn’t wait to go when I came across the fact that some of the best DJ crews like Deadend Movement, Back N Forth, 360 Sounds and Dipcoin would be spinning here. Once a month, the Henz Club has a No Mercy Party, where you can party to trap music from opening to close. They provide free entrance for images of some parties that have been re-posted on Instagram, so make sure to follow them today!


Venue name: The Henz Club
Address: B1, 64, Wausan-ro,
Opening hours: 22:00–5:00
Transport: Sangsu statioon(Line6), exit 1.
Price: 15,000-20,000 won.
Static map showing venue location
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