Wonder women Festival 2015


You might have already seen some lectures by female figures like Yozo, Jang Yoon-ju and Han Hye-jin on Facebook. The Wonder Woman Festival is the third lecture festival held by Micimpact, a symposium contents corporation. You can get “honey butter tips” for your outer and inner beauty and participate in beauty classes, live discussions, performances and events.  

Line-up: Park Jin-young, Kiha & The Faces,Hyuk Oh, Gray & Loco, Kang Hye-jung, Lee Gukjoo, Song Eun-yi & Kim Sook, Kim Mi-kyung, Oh Young-wook, Coffee Boy, Soshimhan Boys, Needle&gem, Shin Soo-ji, Jeong Da-jeong and Tiger Disco. Popular musicians and celebrities from various fields will be on stage. Female luminaries who are worthy of the title “wonder woman,” such as Kang Hye-jung, Lee Guk-joo, Song Eun-yi & Kim Sook and Shin Soo-jia, are definitely worth seeing. 


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