Yeowoorak Festival


The world may be familiar with the sounds of mainstream K-pop, but it is the sounds of gugak (literally translated into ‘national music’) that are the authentic sounds unique to this country. Whether it’s court music or folk music, gugak is both complex and beautiful. Yeowoorak Festival is a musical festival dedicated to gugak and making it more understandable and approachable to both foreigners and Koreans alike. Now in its 8th edition, Yeowoorak has invited the country’s most appreciated gugak musicians to lead the shows. Fusion music blending traditional sounds with rock and even a mix of international sounds with a Korean twist will be part of the 25 team program. Lead by a former artistic director of the National Theater of Korea, the Yeowoorak Festival will be filled with a variety of performances, all of which will surely be an auditory sensation for all.

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