Zandari Festa 2015


Just looking at the list of featured artists on the poster shocked me (and this was the final selection from 600 teams that applied). Even people who call themselves “rock maniacs” asked again, “Is this possible?” Many familiar names pop up as you sweep through line-up. There are also veteran musicians that normally would’ve gotten a huge headline on other festival posters. But the way every team is alphabetically listed, it really shows Zandari Festa’s intention and how they want to give everyone an equal opportunity to perform. It’s the biggest music festival to shake the grounds of Hongdae. That doesn’t mean only Hongdae-based artists will be performing. They’re coming from all around the country, and dozens of groups will be coming from the U.S., England, Russia and France to play. Line-up: Galaxy Express, Goonamguayeoridingstella, Kwon Na-mu, Kim Mok-in, Lowdown 30, Bamsinsa, Big Baby Driver, Sultan of the Disco, Crying Nut, Pavlov and 200 other groups.

Event phone: 070-8231-2013
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