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These days, it seems like Gangnam's mega clubs have failed to keep their finger on the pulse of trends as more and more of them close down, but Octagon saves face. There is barely any elbow room on the weekends, and scoring a table reservation is a one in a million chance. Octagon has a special place in the hearts of local clubgoers, who affectionately refer to Octagon as "Mok-tagon" on Thursdays (mok-yoil is Korean for "Thursday"). Octagon has hosted many international artists on its stage, and is also a popular venue for promotional parties. The traditionally electronic nightclub has recently carved out a hip-hop zone, attracting a new base of clientele. It's no wonder that the renowned DJ Mag recently selected Octagon as Asia's finest, ranking it 6th worldwide.


Venue name: Octagon
Address: 645, Nonhyeon-ro
Opening hours: Fri, Sat 10pm–6am
Transport: Hakdong Station (Line 7), exit 4.
Price: 30,000 won (one free drink)
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