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Soap Seoul

  • Nightlife
  • Yongsan-gu

Time Out says

Soap Seoul—as unique as it sounds, it’s a club with a vibe like no other. When you enter the club, you’ll notice that the whole venue, including the bar, the walls, the columns and even the tables, is structured with curves (less obvious, but the floor plan of the club is in a shape of a soap). It's, of course, in reference to little bars of soap (which were in fact given out as a welcome gift on an opening night and are available for purchase at the bar section). On tope of that, unlike the clubs with crazy neon lighting all over the ceiling which you'd normally see around the area, Soap Seoul shoots a projection of a video from one wall decorated with plastic bubbles, bringing a softer sensation to the space.

The biggest reason behind such distinctive freshness lies, without a doubt, in the people who've brought this venue into life. Pute Deluxe has been known for its innovative approaches showcased through their overwhelmingly inspiring music among other creative endeavors, and one of its latest ventures, Soap, is no exception. With a crazy, exciting and fun af mix of sounds, the club's had the savviest of the electronic fans of Seoul line up to get in every weekend since its opening.

One other thing that the club should be extremely proud to have are the engine-like speakers attached to the ceiling on either side of the DJ booth. These are VOID speakers—for those who don’t know, let’s just say they extremely high-quality speakers used by all reputable clubs all over the world. If you’re someone who's into feeling the vibration of the music being played, stand in close proximity to these speakers and you will be transcended.

Along with awesome music, the artists and hustlers behind this unique venue have been bringing fun, refreshing themes for its unique parties so far. They will keep going, so make sure you check Soap's Instagram or Facebook page for schedules. Sick of cookie-cutter clubs in Itaewon? Have yourself a bubbly time at Soap Seoul. 


14-9, Bogwang-ro 60-gil
Itaewon Station (line 6) exit 3. 2 mins walk.
Beer starting at 8,000 won, Cocktails start at 9,000 won, Shot starting at 7,000 won, Champagne starting at 8,000 won
Opening hours:
10:00-05:00 (Thu, Fri, Sat)
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