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Aloha Poké, Hakdong

  • Restaurants
  • Gangnam-gu

Time Out says

The poké bowls served up at Aloha Poké located by Hakdong Station are pretty much Americanized versions of the dish. As for toppings, there’s a variety of protein options including raw salmon and tuna, as well as shrimp and pork seared with butter. Vegetable and legume toppings include chickpeas, quinoa and avocado. Along with the classic soy sauce-based marinade, rémoulade, wasabi mayo and yuzu ponzu are available. You can also go with one of the basic recipes with a choice of the carb options: green tea hijiki rice, brown rice with konjak and quinoa salad. One of the most popular choices is the spicy cream salmon bowl with vinegared brown rice, which is certainly enough as a full meal. We probably wouldn’t travel to Hakdong Station for it, but when we’re around the area looking for a healthy option, we’d surely give another visit. Mind you, though: despite that the eatery’s run on a self-service basis, it often takes a while to receive what your ordered. Also, there are only few seats available at the restaurant and it often gets quite crowded during lunch hours with all the companies scattered around the area. But then, the Hakdong Station area isn’t exactly full of easy meal options—aside from the McDonald’s and Burger King facing each other on the main road. So, yeah, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have Aloha Poké on your list as one of the better fast-casual places in Seoul.


24 Nonhyeon-ro 131-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Hawaiian Classic Tuna and Avocado 10,500 won, Garlic Shrimp 12,500 won, Spicy Cream Salmon 9,500 won
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 11:30am - 9pm, closed on Sundays
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