Biwon tteokjip

Biwon tteokjip

Located at the Gyeongbokgung Intersection, Biwon Tteokjip is not so easy to spot. Inside, packages of tteok are strategically placed like works of art. In 1949, a royal court food artisan handed down the recipe to Hong Gan-nan, the founder of Biwon. After that, Hong let her nephew and current owner of 60 years, Ahn In-chul, run
the place. All of the tteok is made without artificial additives, creating a simple, clean taste. The ssanggaepitteok (bean paste filled rice cake) with its elegant, toned-down colors and gajeunpyeon with steamed jujube, chestnut and pine nut toppings look too pretty to eat. Be sure to take a moment to appreciate their beauty before biting onto them.


Venue name: Biwon tteokjip
Address: 20, Yulgongno
Opening hours: 10am–8pm
Transport: Anguk Station(Line 3), exit 3.
Price: ssanggaepitteok 3,000 won, gajeunpyeon 2,000 won.
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