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Comments from our coffee experts

SJ They have good control over the sour taste of coffee, which Koreans are not the biggest fan of, and they bring out the beans’ best aroma and taste. Their blend, Bittersweet, has won high acclaim from both the masses and experts.
David G. We Its location—next to Gangdong-gu Office Station—is a bit far from central Seoul but coffee maniacs say that their coffee is definitely some of the best in the city.

Their sweet cappuccino topped with hand-whipped cream has just enough flavor that there’s no need to add syrup to it. Their secret is in the selective way they blend and roast their coffees. Although their beans are bought at auction at high prices, they sell it at quite a reasonable price.


올림픽로 48길 23-12 상지빌딩 1층
Americano, cappuccino, cafe latte, brewed coffee 3,000 won
Opening hours:
Mon–Sat 8am–7pm
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